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New Patient Reviews

Our Whole Family Cared For Here

We love that our whole family can be cared for at the office. Everyone is so kind and helpful. Our kids are so comfortable there, sometimes I think they forget we are at a doctors office. Grateful to have found a health care provider that feels like family. Amy J.


This visit was exceptional! I was hurt at work… No Purse, No ID, No Insurance card and you still took me! You were kind, understanding and helpful. Thank you so much! Lisa B.

A Patient For 33 Years

I have been a patient of Dr. Trigg for more then 33 years! Robin J.


The office staff and chiropractors are very encouraging and knowledgeable. My expectations were completely met.Linda R.


Can’t say enough good things about Dr. Braun and the ladies up front. Kandi K.

Love The Care

Love the care I receive from Dr. Braun! He is very knowledgeable, informative and has a great “table-side” manner! Diane S.


I have seen Dr. Braun and Dr. Ben and they are both great chiropractors. Sara S.

Good Place

It’s a really good place. Jerry L.

Love The Office Hours

Love the office hours and Saturday availability! Maggie N.

Helpful And Nice

Everyone on staff at Falls Chiropractic Group are very friendly, helpful and nice. Sarah L.


I have been with Dr. Trigg for years and he always is knowledgeable, skilled and compassionate about providing care. He always takes such great care of me! Kathryn G.

Very Friendly

Everyone on staff at Falls Chiropractic Group are very friendly, helpful and nice. Sarah L.

I’m A Lifetime Patient

My only regret is not seeking chiropractic care years ago! I am a lifetime patient! Michelle S.


Dr. Braun made me believe in the healing that can be done, I wish I lived/worked in the area still. Christen O.

Great Job

Everyone does a great job there. Love the added services that have been added such as massage therapy. Ann V.

So Pleasant

Everyone is so pleasant when I come in for my appointment. Karen M.


Dr. Jesse Braun is professional, caring, friendly, and effective. What more can you possibly ask for in a chiropractic doctor? I’m very satisfied. Lisa S.

Love The Staff

I love the staff and Dr. Jesse. He’s awesome and always knows just what I need adjusting.
Katie M.

I’m A Believer

You remember the Beatle’s song I’m a Believer. That’s what I am now regarding the benefits. Jerald S.


My mom reassured me it would be ok. I was very nervous and scared. I truly enjoy getting adjusted now! Thank you Dr. Trigg and staff.Lizzy B.

Good Advice

I have been a patient of Dr. Hauser’s since we were both young. I have always gotten good advice, I have never been “over-treated” or coerced into getting more adjustments than I thought was necessary. Your body tells you what you need, once you’re in a maintenance situation. Dr. Hauser is knowledgeable, well-versed on a variety of topics, and even though he is a “know it all” he is not the least bit obnoxious about it! Haha! The staff is great, too! Patricia Z.

Great Staff

Great staff and flexibility getting you in on short notice.Scott S.

First Class

A first class operation.Ervin U.


Dr. Ben explained things and was great with treatment. He continues to explain things with every question we have. The ladies up front are very friendly! Times always available for next appointment. Brent M.


Dr. Hauser is awesome! Staff very personable too! Claire M.


Dr. Ben is fantastic. While other doctors wanted to rush me into surgery for my shoulder pain, he took the time to listen. As a result, my shoulder feels significantly better without any surgery. Everyone in the office is friendly and always greets me with a smile. I can’t say enough positive things about the wonderful people at Falls Chiropractic. Tim K.

Drive An Hour To Be Adjusted

I will drive an hour to get my back adjusted here. Started with Dr. Hauser many years ago, left the area and now back for summers. In the meantime at our other living locations have never found a chiropractor that I like as well. Ann M.

Excellent Service

I tell everyone about the excellent service and care at Falls Chiropractic Group! Todd H.


Dr. Russell Hauser is a great practitioner and very skillful and knowledgeable. Grace K.


I had never been without back pain until I started seeing Dr. Hauser. I was amazed after my first appointment, I had no sciatica pain. He has done so much for me that I am now living without any back pain. My pain was so bad before being treated by him that I could not even walk long enough to finish my grocery shopping. I am so pleased and amazed at my treatment. I never thought I could feel this good again. Diane B.

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