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Your Menomonee Falls Chiropractors


Dr. Russell Hauser

Dr. Hauser’s chiropractic philosophy comes from his 20 plus years of treating the person, not the “disease”. He believes chiropractic treatment should be afforded to all individuals and for all illnesses. While musculoskeletal conditions are common to the clinic, so are many other illnesses such as headaches, earaches, and stomach aches. His chiropractic treatment methodologies include several low force adjustive techniques, as well as spinal disc decompression, Gonstead, Diversified, Thompson and Nimmo.

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Dr. Jesse Braun

Dr. Jesse believes in health maintenance for the whole family and promotes Chiropractic as a means to wellness. He believes patients should take a proactive approach to maintaining health rather than waiting for a health crisis to take interest in their overall wellbeing. I believe that health can best be defined as optimal physical and mental well-being and not merely the absence of disease or pain. Long before physical pain exists, the underlying problem is there.

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Dr. Benjamin Luczak

Dr. Ben believes in working with all of a patient’s health care providers to provide the greatest level care for his patients. Treatment he gives his patients is the same care he would recommend to any member of his family. He believes in treating the person rather than the “disease” and believes that while musculoskeletal conditions are common, every person, babies to seniors, can benefit from chiropractic care. He believes in maintaining an optimum level of health for the entire family by utilizing chiropractic care to maintain a state of wellness.

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